We Went to Apartmentalize!

and We Liked It!

By John Hall - June 20, 2018

We couldn't resist packing up some touchscreens freshly loaded with our new Pynwheel 4.0 software, and taking them to the big Apartmentalize conference in San Diego last week. We had a great time seeing some old friends, and meeting a lot of new ones.

Take a look!

Pynwheel CEO Jennifer Cyphers getting ready for the show to start. There won't be too many opportunities to get off our feet after this.

We had two huge touchscreens, plus iPads, touch laptops, and even a couple of iPhones. Our new application powers all of these devices with one set-up!

Pynwheel in action: There is nothing like letting people get their hands on our touchscreens. 

Alex is in the background showing off embedded video features. Kellie is rocking the purple hair!

Tica (here with Jennifer) made it out for Friday's session. Smiles all around!

A closer look at all of the different platforms we had running. 

I had the opportunity to visit family on the way to the show, so my wife and I opted to drive from Denver to San Diego. On the way there, this happened:

Just outside of Parachute, CO, we drove right through this fire! The freeway that we were on was closed shortly after this was taken, but we made it through. We could actually feel the heat from the fire inside the car. Fortunately, they were able to get this one under control with very minimal damage.

Then, on the way back, we got to see this:

Utah's Bryce Canyon. A gorgeous sight to behold, and a great ending to a great trip!

Next year's Apartmentalize! Expo is on our home turf: June 26 - 29 at the Colorado Convention Center. We hope that you have the opportunity to meet us, and to enjoy all that our hometown of Denver has to offer!

Seven Things You Will Do Better With Pynwheel 4.0

By John Hall - June 7, 2018

This week, Pynwheel releases the newest version of our leasing touchscreen software. While our design is relatively unchanged, the platform that powers it is all new!


What does that mean for you?


Let’s take a look some of the ways that Pynwheel will make leasing easier than ever:


1- Functionality - New animations and sleeker functions make the user experience more intuitive and interactive. Prospective residents will want to get their hands on your application, and spend more time with it.


2- Ease of use - Initial set-up and software updates are so easy. You can make changes on the fly without the fear of downtime.


3- Speed! - Everything is faster, form the time it takes to get started, to the software itself.


4- Technology - Graphics, animation, and user experience are all supported by the best technology out there.


5- Affordability - Pynwheel has always been a leader at making leasing touchscreens that are within your reach. Our improved automation allows us to concentrate more on product development, and to pass more savings on to you.


6- Flexibility - One simple set-up, and prospective residents will have multiple ways to access your application. Wall -mounted touchscreens, desktop touchscreens, tablets, iPads, and iiPhones are all supported. You can even utilize Pynwheel pages on your own website!


7- Integrations - Do you use 3D tours? TransitLink? (link) Building Link? (link) Integrate these into your Pynwheel application at no additional cost.


The math has never been better - Pynwheel improves your bottom line, both by increasing leases, and greatly reducing the need for costly, ineffective printed brochures. Our hardware guarantees and customer support ensure that you will never be without your powerful leasing tools for any period of time.


RELEASE: Pynwheel Launches New Leasing Touchscreen Platform

By John Hall - June 7, 2018

DENVER, JUNE 7, 2018 - Pynwheel Inc. today announced the release of Pynwheel 4.0, an entirely new touchscreen sales and leasing platform that is designed to simplify and modernize the on-site tour for prospective residents of multifamily dwellings. The new platform is the first-ever system that allows property owners and managers to simultaneously set up and manage six different interface types: wall-mounted touchscreens, desktop touchscreens, tablets, iPads, iPhones, and even webpages that can be added to properties’ marketing websites.


Pynwheel 4.0 is easier to set up, easier to update, and easier to use than any other leasing touchscreen. Enhanced graphics and animation create an unmatched user experience for prospective residents.


Pynwheel’s leasing touchscreens bring apartment and condo tours into the digital age, with interactive community maps and dynamic floor plan galleries showing available units.  Prospective residents are thus ushered into the next step of the sales cycle as soon as they walk into a sales and leasing office. Virtual brochures can be emailed from the system, making paper brochures a thing of the past.


“Touchscreen technology is changing the way that prospective residents tour properties and choose where they want to live. This platform makes that technology attainable for any multifamily operator,” said Jennifer Cyphers, Pynwheel’s President and CEO. “Everything has been re-engineered. Set-up is faster and easier, and potential residents will enjoy the most sophisticated user experience available. Best of all, improved automation allows us to pass significant savings on to our clients.”


Pynwheel will offer live demonstrations of Pynwheel 4.0 at the National Apartment Association’s Apartmentalize Expo, June 14 - 15 in San Diego.


For more information email


About Pynwheel

Pynwheel ( is a privately-held marketing technology company in Denver, Colorado founded in April 2012 by Jennifer Cyphers, formerly Founder/President of Engrain (fka Mulitfamily Edge) and Director of at PRIMEDIA. Pynwheel designs interactive leasing touchscreen applications for the multifamily housing industry. Pynwheel innovation makes leasing easier for hundreds of apartment communities across the United States.



Media Contact: 303.640.3652 x101,

Five Things Your Leasing Center Could (and Should) Do Without

By John Hall - June 12, 2018

The multifamily world has changed. Technology, shiftinging demographics, and new ideas have forever altered the way that leases are closed.


Some of the challenges raised by these changes are pretty obvious, but there are factors that can impact your success that you may have not even considered. One of the greatest of these is the space in which you ply your trade. Is your Leasing Center designed to meet its full potential?


Consider these five things that you once found at any apartment community. How many of them are you still holding onto?


1) Office Equipment
Like it or not, an applicants’ first impression of their potential new home is usually your leasing space. When that space is full of filing cabinets, office furniture, and old-school office equipment, you are basically asking people to move into an office building. Modern leasing spaces are made to resemble hip, comfortable spaces - like lounges, galleries, or coffee shops. Who wouldn’t want to live in a space that looks like one of those? If you still call your workspace a “Leasing Office”, you might want to start by changing that.


2) Desks
In addition to the “office building” problem described above, desks are their own obstacles to your leasing success. Think about it: From the time you were a child, a large desk has suggested that the person behind it is in a position of authority. Today’s apartment searchers want you to work with them. Sitting at furniture like a small table, or even soft seating, sends the message that a signature on a lease is a collaborative effort.


3) Rent Due Date Signage
There are a lot of ways to communicate to your current residents that rent is due. Excessive signage is usually ugly, and only serves to communicate to potential residents that you are going to be something of a nag about it. Why not send these messages electronically to residents on a regular basis? Your common areas will be much more attractive, and direct reminders are much more effective.


4) Brochures
Technology has made brochures an inefficient way to market apartment communities. Consumers want to be able to pick and choose the features and images that are salient to them, and don’t want to be burdened with those that aren’t. Also, younger consumers simply do not hold on to printed materials anymore. If you don’t have a way to get your brand onto their smartphones, then it is simply not going to go anywhere with them. Interactive touchscreen technology encourages your potential residents to customize their sales experience, and to carry your materials with them.


5) Packages
Yes, your residents are probably getting more and more packages in today’s online retail world, but you don’t have to turn your leasing center into a package store. Companies like Amazon have started to offer lockers and other technologies that will clean up your space, and will make your community much more attractive to first-time visitors.


What does your leasing space look like?