Pynwheel touchscreens modernize the sales and leasing process and make property tours easier! The application's simple user interface includes all of the following robust features. Options on every page are easy to set up, easy to manage, and easy to update.

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How It Works

Take a closer look into the customizable page options and features that Pynwheel has available as part of Pynwheel Touch.

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Pynwheel offers different design options for touchscreens to meet your property’s visual needs and preferences.

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Pynwheel provides touchscreens of the highest quality that will seamlessly carry out all functionality actions of the user. Our packages are backed by a 3-year advance exchange warranty and supported by two levels of service including Pynwheel’s support team and exclusive support for Pynwheel clients from our hardware manufacturer.

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Integrations & Partners

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Clients that take advantage of Pynwheel Touch have the ability to offer the application through seven different mediums including:

  • Wall-Mounted Touchscreen (55" or 65")
  • Desktop Touchscreen
  • Windows Tablet
  • iPad
  • Android Tablet
  • iPhone & Android Phone
  • Webpages
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Take a look at our YouTube page to view a variety of videos on Pynwheel Touch.

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