Pynwheel 101

Best Practices For Making Leasing Easier

By John Hall - February 13, 2019

Are you getting the most out of your Pynwheel touchscreen?
About to go live, and want to come out of the gate fast?
Or, do you just want a feel for how Pynwheel would look in your office?

Pynwheel touchscreens are powerful sales and leasing tools, and, as with any tools, it is smart to get some pointers on how best to use them.

Here are some of the best practices that we have seen.

1) Put Pynwheel to work
In other words, USE IT!
It’s really that simple. If you put your touchscreen where it won’t be seen, and you don’t make it a part of your routine, it won’t do a lot for you. But, if you make it a regular part of the sales process, you won’t want to live without it.

2) Eliminate the wait
Walk-in visitors matter, and, even though you can’t be expected to get to all of them every time, their time spent waiting can still set you back. Pynwheel applications are designed to be intuitive to first-time users. What was once lost time spent waiting now becomes time spent initiating the sales process for themselves.

3) Ditch that desk
Workspaces are changing with the times, and a lot of businesses are looking at alternatives to the old model of one-desk-per-person. In a sales environment, there is another advantage to getting out from behind that desk. Simply put, standing at a touchscreen with your prospects puts you on equal footing, and turns the process into a collaborative affair.

4) Let somebody else drive
You are no doubt used to having control of the community tour, but Pynwheel works best when you give prospects the opportunity to take the wheel. A smooth user experience makes it fun for them to navigate the benefits you offer, and you get to watch as they reveal what units and amenities appeal to them.

5) But, be ready to help navigate
Like we said, Pynwheel is simple enough for a first-timer to get around, but there are going to be prospects that aren’t as amenable to technology. If your prospects recoil when you invite them to engage with the touchscreen, go ahead and touch away for them. Just make sure to keep them involved. Ask what selections they would like, and stay alert for signs that they are ready to jump in.

6) Get on script
Similarly, even though you want to give up control, there is no reason you can’t help give directions. Have enough familiarity with your application to point prospects toward your best photographs, amenities, and popular local businesses. (Here’s a good trick: When demonstrating how the touch functionality works, you could just “happen to open” a couple of your best photos, or the pop-up for that restaurant near you that everyone is going crazy for. Make sure you play it off like it was unintentional!)

7) Play the game
Touchscreens are fun. That is part of what makes them effective. To that end, encourage prospects to open multiple images, re-size, and just make a mess. Then, have them touch the REORGANIZE button and start all over again. Even if it seems like they might just be goofing around, they are staying engaged with the process, which is a good thing!

8) Play favorites
While a prospect is manipulating the various images and floor plans on the screen, they will no doubt comment on the ones that they like. Make sure you take the gamification process one step further, and tell them to click on the heart icon when that happens. After doing so, they will be able to see all of the items they liked on one page (and they can mess around with them there all over again!). Better yet, they will want to send themselves their favorites as an e-brochure, and you will have a customized map to closing the deal.

How do you Pynwheel? Do you have any best practices that you would like to share?