Pynwheel's Setup Process


We look forward to helping you move your business ahead while having fun doing it. One of things that our clients love about Pynwheel is that our setup process is streamlined, efficient, and predictable. This page will guide you through the four stages of the setup process. We look forward to bringing your Pynwheel application to life!

1. Completing your Order

Before we get started, we need to receive the following to complete your order:

  • A signed agreement
  • Payment for software setup, hardware, and shipping & installation

2. App Production

Once we have received the items above, you will receive an online project form to complete and an invitation to join the online project folder to submit content needed for the application. We’ll move into production once we have the following:

  • A completed project form (which will be emailed to you separately)
  • Data credentials to complete a successful import of all unit and floor plan data; and to complete a successful import of all locks (if applicable, for Self Tour)
  • The following content, submitted as a high resolution image file (.png or .jpg, at least 1,500  px if possible)
    • Site plan
    • Site plan labeled with amenities and unit numbers for reference (if the design file does not include labels)
    • Floor plans 
    • Logos  
    • Photography or renderings

Production will begin after we have successfully imported all unit and floor plan data; imported all applicable locks (if applicable, for Self Tour); and we have received all of your content. Production typically takes 2-4 weeks. When production is complete, the property manager will be given a short tutorial on how to use Pynwheel Connect and instructions to contact Pynwheel Support with questions. 

If you have any questions about any of these items, please email our Support Team.

3. Hardware Delivery and Installation

If the property has purchased locks or a touchscreen from Pynwheel, the hardware will be shipped after we have received payment. If installation service has been ordered, the property will need to email Pynwheel Support to request hardware installation after hardware has been received. The email should include the following:

  • Confirmation of hardware receipt
  • Identification of personnel that will be available on site during the installation
  • An image of the wall where the touchscreen is to be installed, showing a recessed outlet and recessed ethernet connection (touchscreens only)

We will contact a member of our third party installation network to schedule hardware installation.

After locks are installed, we will import the locks and complete the setup, which will take approximately 2-4 weeks. 

Note: Pynwheel will only manage touchscreen installation on flat drywall (not a niche) with all the conditions above met. Installation of access control systems for elevators, exterior entry, and some common spaces may not be included. Production time on Milan stands is 8 weeks from receipt of payment.

If you have questions or need additional information, please email our Support Team.

4. Using Your Pynwheel App

We want you to have the best experience with your Pynwheel application! To get the most out of Pynwheel, we ask that your on-site staff:

  • Walks through the application(s) to gain an understanding of the guest's experience, and adjusts content as appropriate
  • Adds the Pynwheel Map to the property website
  • Posts signage and adds the Pynwheel Tour Scheduler to the property website (for Pynwheel Self Tour)
  • Makes it a policy to start each tour with Pynwheel Touch and Pynwheel Self Tour!

The property can email Pynwheel Support to request updates or to get answers to any  questions they may have. We’ll always respond within one business day.