Pynwheel Resident Access

Unlike other contactless entry solutions, Pynwheel Access works with any existing fob reader!

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User Experience

Through Pynwheel Access, residents, property staff, and vendors can use their phone as a fob to access common areas throughout multifamily properties including amenities, entrances & garages!

Common areas will unlock once the individual's smartphone is within range of the vicinity!

No Hassle!

*Fob readers do not need to be replaced with new technology!
*Existing fob readers can be retrofitted to be compatible with Pynwheel Access

Provides Heightened Safety & Security

The use of Pynwheel Access decreases frequency of contact with public touchpoints as well as the chance of unauthorized individuals accessing property common areas.

Resident Satisfaction

Pynwheel Access meets the current, growing demand for contactless options which therefore aids in resident satisfaction!