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Pynwheel FAQs

Pynwheel touchscreens come with remote access pre-installed, so you should only have to take steps to give Pynwheel access if you have a touchscreen that you did not purchase through Pynwheel; if someone has mistakenly uninstalled LogMeIn; or if you have received a replacement computer. In any of these cases, you will need to install LogMeIn to give Pynwheel remote access to your touchscreen. To do so, open Internet Explorer (or any web browser) by double tapping the icon on the touch screen. Enter this web address: in the address bar. Tap the the button to Install Pynwheel Remote Access. Follow the prompts to do a "typical" install. Once you have completed all the steps and tap "Finish", you will be prompted to enter an access code. This is important! The access code you need to enter is pynwheel (just one word - all lowercase). You will be prompted to enter it twice. Please email Support as soon as you have completed these steps so we can complete the setup.

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