What Makes Pynwheel Better?

The top three reasons Pynwheel is better than its competitors

By Jennifer Cyphers - May 4, 2023

What Makes Pynwheel Touch Better? 

People often ask me how Pynwheel leasing touchscreens shine over the competition. I could make a long list for you, but decided to fall back on what our clients say. These are the top three things I hear: 

1. Speed & Ease
We recently got leasing touchscreens, tablets, and maps online for a thirty-property portfolio in less than a month. "That was nothing," said our VP of Product. "We can easily do ten times that." Our clients LOVE our new dashboard and notification system. 

2. Product
Our clients tell us that the competition can't touch our product. Our leasing touchscreen app is more up-to-date, more reliable, and more responsive. The result is more leases, fewer headaches. 

3. Pricing
I've heard our portfolio-level pricing cannot be beat. 

4. Customer Service
A bonus one! I just couldn't leave this one out. We take really good care of the multifamily companies that choose to partner with Pynwheel, and let's just say it doesn't go unnoticed. 

In a nutshell, Pynwheel is easy to work with.


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