We Went to Apartmentalize!

and We Liked It!

By John Hall - June 20, 2018

We couldn't resist packing up some touchscreens freshly loaded with our new Pynwheel 4.0 software, and taking them to the big Apartmentalize conference in San Diego last week. We had a great time seeing some old friends, and meeting a lot of new ones.

Take a look!

Pynwheel CEO Jennifer Cyphers getting ready for the show to start. There won't be too many opportunities to get off our feet after this.

We had two huge touchscreens, plus iPads, touch laptops, and even a couple of iPhones. Our new application powers all of these devices with one set-up!

Pynwheel in action: There is nothing like letting people get their hands on our touchscreens. 

Alex is in the background showing off embedded video features. Kellie is rocking the purple hair!

Tica (here with Jennifer) made it out for Friday's session. Smiles all around!

A closer look at all of the different platforms we had running. 

I had the opportunity to visit family on the way to the show, so my wife and I opted to drive from Denver to San Diego. On the way there, this happened:

Just outside of Parachute, CO, we drove right through this fire! The freeway that we were on was closed shortly after this was taken, but we made it through. We could actually feel the heat from the fire inside the car. Fortunately, they were able to get this one under control with very minimal damage.

Then, on the way back, we got to see this:

Utah's Bryce Canyon. A gorgeous sight to behold, and a great ending to a great trip!

Next year's Apartmentalize! Expo is on our home turf: June 26 - 29 at the Colorado Convention Center. We hope that you have the opportunity to meet us, and to enjoy all that our hometown of Denver has to offer!
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