Gallery: Apartments Around The World

Some of our favorites

By John Hall - August 8, 2018

We are crazy about apartment buildings, and about design. So, it has been a perfect fit for us to feature outstanding apartment design in our Apartments Around The World social media entries.

We have featured design that we think is innovative, beautiful, or just plain unusual! We especially enjoy design that focuses on beautiful solutions to the functional challenges of creating homes in tight urban spaces. All of the projects below take different approaches to creating unique, private dwellings for large numbers of people.

Here are some of our favorites:

City Life - Milan - Zaha Hadid and Daniel Libeskind 

The Interlace - Singapore - Ole Scheeren
More (Highly recommended article. The Interlace design is both beautiful and functional, with a unique solution to a problem that all urban designers face.)

25 Verde - Turin - Luciano Pia

Marina City - Chicago - Bertrand Goldberg

Cubic Houses - Rotterdam - Piet Blom

Eight Spruce Street - New York - Frank Gehry

VM Houses - Copenhagen - Bjarke Ingels
More and More
If these two look interesting to you, check out the Bjarke Ingels profile on the NetFlix program Abstract: The Art of Design (S1: Ep4). It is well worth your time.

Habitat 67 - Montreal - Moshe Safdie

Those are some iconic examples of how some of the greatest architects of our time have addressed higher density living. They remind us of our mission to focus on design as a means of creating powerful solutions.

What do you think? Is there design that has inspired you?

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