Meet Parkmerced!

A Community With A Great Story

By John Hall - July 16, 2018

We are so excited that Parkmerced, San Francisco’s unique “city within a city” and largest multifamily community, with 3231 units (and growing!), has installed a Pynwheel system to assist with their on-site leasing.  Pynwheel is a perfect addition to their leasing center, helping the leasing staff and prospective residents to narrow down all of their amazing options on a large interactive touchscreen. 

Ashley Olson, the Marketing Manager for Maximus Real Estate Partners, who manages Parkmerced, described to me the history and vision of this unique community.  

Parkmerced’s story starts in the early 1940s, when construction started on residences that were designed to provide middle income housing to returning servicemen. Initially, the community was to be comprised of garden-style apartments, with an emphasis on being car-friendly. The housing shortage of the 1950s led to the construction of a series of high-rise apartment towers and more population density. As time went on, Parkmerced’s buildings were showing their age, and decisions had to be made about the future of the area.

Fast forward to 2006, when the new owners of Parkmerced set out to revitalise the entire community. Over $100 million was invested in improvements and repairs. They looked for input from community groups, government agencies, elected officials, and anyone else that could contribute to their ultimate goal. Then, they worked with designers to create a master plan - The Parkmerced Vision.

The plan was anything but simple. It called for an increase in quality housing units of over three times the current levels. That’s close to ten-thousand homes - in a city that needs every single one. It called for the creation of a transportation network that would allow for comfortable life without the need of a car. It called for the flexibility to adapt to changes in technology that will keep the community modern, sustainable, and desirable to future home-seekers.

The Parkmerced master plan was approved by the city of San Francisco in 2011, and now, it is clear to see that everything is happening! Construction is underway on multiple residential buildings, all designed by different architects to create diversity and a local feel. 

Take a look at some of what San Franciscans will enjoy when living at Parkmerced:

A setting that is surrounded by gorgeous city views, parks, Lake Merced, a TPC golf course (hosting the 2020 PGA Championship), and the Pacific Ocean.
An environment that offers robust alternatives to car-ownership - with ride-share and car-share stations, shuttles to shopping and recreational destinations, and a major city bus line that will make multiple stops within the community.
Shops, services, and even a full-service grocery store located right where they live. There are even plans to build an elementary school!
Parks, sports fields, and other outdoor amenities throughout the entire community.
The Parkmerced leasing center is now showcasing their community’s unique offerings on the newest Pynwheel platform, Pynwheel 4.0. It provides the perfect digital bridge for modern home shoppers to get their bearings and narrow down their options. If you’re in the area, stop by and check it out! 

Pynwheel salutes Parkmerced for their vision of enlightened community transformation!
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