Transportation And Your Community

Are You Up To Speed?

By John Hall - February 5, 2019

More and more, the changing world of transportation impacts the way that multifamily does business. Technology, and the "shared" economy, are driving resident choice in a profound way.

It is important to understand the current transportation landscape. Are you up to speed on all of the changes and choices out there? Here are some great articles we have read to get you caught up.


  • Apartment residents are increasingly moving away from car ownership, and they make community choices with that in mind. NAAHQ
  • Access to transportation options translates to premium home prices. Still, the demand is not being fully met. Curbed
  • The desire for alternatives to cars is not entirely altruistic. In many cases, it is a response to ever-worsening traffic. Many drivers would love not to have to drive, but they feel their options are still limited. Seattle Times
  • Uber and Lyft have had a massive effect on urban transportation, but they actually increase the amount of miles being driven. Curbed
  • So what will lead to a decrease in miles driven? Dock-less bike share appears poised to do so. Slate
  • However, bike share is not without its headaches, most notably with regards to how cities accommodate and regulate it. Curbed
  • Of course, a lot of people still own their own bicycles. Check out how one community in Sweden was specifically designed to meet their needs! Fast Company
  • How about scooter rentals? They have taken off, but many cities are struggling with how to manage them. South Florida Sun Sentinal
  • Also, scooters might be more of a nuisance, or a hazard, than they are worth. Forbes
  • Still, there are cities that are welcoming to them. Electric bikes too! azcentral
  • What about walking? Does anyone walk anymore? Well, yes. (At least outside of LA. ) In fact, "walkability" is still really important to your marketing efforts. MYMOVE
  • Mixed-use is growing in desirability. "New Urbanism first spreads slowly into a region. But once it is there, people quickly understand its benefits. Each code, development, or policy is easier than the last." Ped Shed
  • And don't assume that this trend is only for the young. Seniors want alternatives to driving, and also enjoy walking for its health benefits. Still, most senior development is being done in the suburbs, where cars are almost a necessity. Strongtowns
  • What will the future bring? For one thing, transportation efficiency will be vastly improved by technology. Forbes
  • Commutes might actually improve. Mashable
  • And, would you believe that the future of urban transportation might be...the bus?! Wall Street Journal


Photo by Brandi Ibrao on Unsplash