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By Jennifer Cyphers - April 24, 2024

DENVER, COLO. -- April 24, 2024 -- Pynwheel Inc., the foremost tour technology company in the multifamily industry, proudly announces Pynwheel Tour, now available on the App Store and Google Play. 

Representing the culmination of five years of planning, testing, and refinement, Pynwheel Tour is replacing Self Tour as the ultimate on-site digital tour guide, offering an improved user flow including tour creation and simplified unit access. 

Recent research conducted by Pynwheel in collaboration with Satisfacts highlights a significant trend: a majority of prospects aged 27 and under prefer touring properties independently, without the presence of a leasing agent. Moreover, data across all age groups underscores a clear preference for touring the specific unit they intend to move into, rather than a model or another vacant unit. (Comprehensive results of the study will be unveiled at the AIM Conference in Huntington Beach on May 7, 2024.) 

Addressing these insights head-on, Pynwheel introduces its upgraded touring experience, aptly named Pynwheel Tour. This innovative mobile application empowers prospects to explore apartment communities at their own pace after curating a list of available units they wish to view. Guided by Pynwheel's proprietary interactive map, users seamlessly navigate through each destination, with Bluetooth technology effortlessly unlocking doors along the way. 

"Pynwheel Tour has been years in the making," enthuses Jennifer Cyphers, founder and CEO of Pynwheel. "We've dedicated ourselves to implementing and refining the self-guided tour experience, continuously gathering feedback along the way. The release of the Pynwheel Tour app marks a significant milestone in this journey."

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Pynwheel specializes in designing interactive tour technology for the multifamily housing industry, enhancing the prospect experience and optimizing tour-to-lease ratios. For more information, visit
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