The multifamily industry’s only complete self tour solution with a free and simple setup. 

Here's how it works




Use Pynwheel’s scheduler widget or your own to allow prospective residents to schedule a tour, authenticate a credit card, and download the app. Auto-reminders will tell them when to arrive at your property and where to start. 


Users upload an image of their photo ID and snap an image of themselves once they are on-site so that we can verify their identity. 


Pynwheel’s interactive maps make it easy for visitors to figure out where they are going! 

Media Galleries and Descriptions

Upload images, videos, and descriptions of each stop to help sell your property. 

User-Friendly Features

You prospective residents will love this feature the most: they can add their own photos and notes along the way! 


Pynwheel has integrations with more digital locks than any other self tour provider, and can handle low-tech options like lockboxes. Need digital locks? We will consult with you on the purchase and handle the installation. 

Integrated Data & Lease

Pynwheel has integrations with all major property management companies to show live availability and pricing and allow prospective residents to apply for a lease during their tour. 


Saved tour highlights allow your visitors to review their tours at any time, and even to share them with friends and family. 

Visitor Insight

Auto-alerts and a Visitor Details page in Pynwheel Connect will give you insight into valuable information such as:

Visitor arrival
ID authentication results
Extended visit
Visitor departure
Aborted tours
Length of tour
Stops visited